Roller Shutter Maintenance & Servicing

Issues with a faulty roller shutter can stem from various areas. For instance, electrical faults can prevent the shutter from opening or closing while the tubular motor is running or humming.

We deal with these issues daily and have trained our maintenance team to address them efficiently, ensuring a timely resolution.

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Roller Shutter Problem?

We use the recommended parts for roller shutter maintenance and repairs, and they come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. This provides peace of mind for all concerned. We call this our “fix once, fix right” approach.

Common Roller Shutter Problems

When roller shutter doors stop functioning, we have listed a few common issues that we are often asked to fix.

○ Repairs of Broken Remote-Control unit
○ Industrial Motor Repairs
○ Industrial Motor Replacements
○ Cut or Trapped Wires
○ Lost or Broken Key and Key-switch.

These issues can impact the functionality of your rolling shutter doors, but with the help of our expert team, they can be resolved quickly; we pride ourselves on the very best service and customer care.

Additional issues with roller shutters that are out of their runners or tracks, so that shutters don’t go up or down, in fact, get stuck! can be quickly addressed with our roller shutter repair service.

Roller Shutter Maintenance

We offer a Planned Maintenance Service Contract that supports the installation and repair of roller shutters on industrial, commercial, and residential properties.

At Pearly Gate, we think we have the best team of Engineers. We continually invest in keeping up to date on our training and development, ensuring we are aware of changes in technology and legislation. If you choose to work with us, you can depend on and expect a top-class service.

We have set ourselves very high standards of workmanship. We can replace or repair any part of your roller shutter door.

Parts or components that require mending or replacing are supplied at very reasonable prices.

For example:
○ Engine or Motor
○ Door Curtain
○ End Locks
○ Bottom Runners
○ Lost Keys

Our key objective is to ensure that all jobs are done well, on time, and in line with our high-quality benchmark.

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