Reactive Maintenance

What is Reactive Maintenance?

Reactive maintenance in the gate automation industry means Emergency Breakdown. The gates may have been accidentally or wilfully damaged in some way or have an electrical or mechanical failure that causes them to malfunction. Whatever the reason you need someone to attend outside of the normal servicing routines, a company that can quickly and cost-effectively solve any issue with little fuss.

After all, if an automated gate fails in the closed position, blocking the entrance, not only is it a serious inconvenience for the residents but it can be an expensive delay for a commercial site. Conversely, a gate that fails in the open position reduces site security.

We always recommend to our customers that they keep the gate serviced regularly to avoid reactive maintenance (see our Planned Maintenance page), as we often see the lack of planned maintenance as a major contributing factor to breakdowns or reactive maintenance.

Insurance Claims

Insurance claims on damaged gates are not always straight forward to manage, as they often require a greater level of administration and communication with multiple parties. The time and effort spent coordinating the repair will require the help of a professional gate company.

Pearly Gate is always happy to help out any customer who has a damaged gate that needs attending to. Our friendly team is always on hand to provide advice or a Free assessment, as we have years of experience dealing with the needs of the UK’s leading Insurance Companies.

Acting Fast to Solve Your Breakdown

Reactive maintenance needs your help! When looking to solve an Emergency Breakdown as quickly as possible, click this link Reactive Maintenance Check Sheet and we can have an engineer on route to the site very quickly.

Alternatively, if you are looking for an engineer to attend the site within a day or two, we offer discounted prices.

Also, we realise you’re unlikely to be a gate expert, if you call us, we will ask some questions and we may even be able to identify the problem over the phone.

Emergency Breakdown Service

If your gate breaks down and you need fast assistance, we have a transparent approach.

During office hours
Monday – Friday 08.00 – 17.00
Contact us on 0207 770 6486 or email to arrange attendance; outside of these hours, we charge a flat fee of £350 for an engineer to attend the site. We cover London and the Home Counties.