Gate Commissioning

James CampbellGate Safety, Risk Assessment

Tragedy Wholly Avoidable

Gate Commissioning ~ HSE Inspector Julian Franklin used the phrase “wholly avoidable” to describe the death of a six-year-old boy. It was a tragedy that could have been prevented if the gate had undergone a thorough commissioning process. The company responsible for the gate was convicted under Health and Safety legislation. Gaps in the commissioning process led to the gate … Read More

Foundation Box

James CampbellReactive Maintenance, Service

Bad wiring

Foundation Box Wiring ~ I want to share this recent experience we had at the office. I thought it highlighted to gate owners the need to make sure your gates are managed by professionals, a company you can build a relationship with, basically, people you can trust! We had a concerned call into the office, not from someone we had … Read More

Gate Safety – Who’s responsible?

James CampbellGate Safety, Risk Assessment

Gate Safety

Gate Safety – Who’s Responsible? These types of blogs are always a hard read, all about legislation and guidance, harder still for the casual observer that may only have one gate. Nevertheless, it is undeniably important to understand the detail if you have powered gates, it really does save lives in understanding the responsibilities! As a business we need to … Read More

Office Relocation 2018 & 2019

James CampbellPlanned Maintenance, Risk Assessment, Service

Office Relocation

Office Relocation – One Year Later! Office Relocation – Tempest fugit, meaning “time flies”. We have almost completed a full year at our new offices and I can hardly believe it. I was once told that we overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what can be achieved in a year, I now really understand the importance … Read More

A Failed Force Test

James CampbellGate Safety, Risk Assessment

What is a Failed Force Test? All electric gate forces should be measured, and must not exceed the four values set down in Annex A of BS EN 12453:2001. If any of the readings measured are above the standard, then the gate has failed its force test. Why is Measuring Important? The HSE recommend that all forces should be periodically … Read More

The Frogs Blabbed

James CampbellControl Box, Planned Maintenance, Risk Assessment, video

Electric Gate Risk Assessment So far, this year we have dealt with Frogs & Toads, Slugs and a myriad of other animals wishing to make a comfy home out of a gate Control Boxes and the Foundation Boxes. Just as a reminder we posted earlier this year 1. The Slug Cook Out – 2. The Frog & Toad Mix-up … Read More

Flavours of Gate Companies UK

James CampbellPlanned Maintenance, Risk Assessment, Service

gate companies UK

Our Head Office Location We are often asked as part of an initial inquiry, “where are you based?” Interestingly, Google Searches focus on local business and services, it assumes and, in its way, educates that everything you need is close by. Whilst we would like all our jobs to be close to our location, we realised a long time ago … Read More

Automated Gates & Relocation!

James CampbellPlanned Maintenance, Reactive Maintenance, Relocation, Risk Assessment

Automated Gates

A relocation exercise is underway! Pearly Gate Maintenance Ltd has invested in new premises to make life easier and even more agreeable for their clients. Pearly Gate Maintenance now in its 2nd year has grown in popularity beyond expectations. The founder Directors Paul Edwards & Ritchie Bignell set out a vision focused on planned and reactive service levels to automated … Read More

Gate Maintenance Contract Quoting

Ritchie BignellService

Gate maintenance contract – please can I have a price? We are frequently asked by customers to give a quote for a gate maintenance contract for one or more of their sites. When we submit a quote by return, they often ask “Don’t you need to carry out a site visit?” It started us thinking as to why this might be … Read More

Gate Companies

Ritchie BignellRisk Assessment, Service

Gate companies

Why Are Gate Companies Often Not Local?   Should this be a concern? We are frequently asked by prospective new customers where our office is and when we tell them, they will often reply ‘that’s a long way away’ from us. It started us thinking as to why this might be an issue and possibly a barrier to securing their business. … Read More